Meet GP&C’s Technological Advancement in Flow Machining: Wall-e

Wall-e is a four-joint, industrial pick-and-place robot, made by premier robot manufacturer Universal Robots. The robot loads and unloads cones into a machine that enables us to increase our frac plug output. Wall-e attends to two Haas 4 axis CNC lathes, allowing our operators to focus on and execute additional value-added tasks.

Wall-e is a UR10 model “collaborative” robot, which means it is very user-friendly, easy to program and can work and interact safely around operators. It can carry up to a 20-lb payload and can precisely and autonomously tend to our machine centers, as well as offer endless possibilities in advancing and improving our manufacturing processes. For example, our Manufacturing Engineering team is exploring ways to incorporate automatic QC checks into the robot’s functionality, to improve our quality and efficiency.

We are continually looking for opportunities respond to the growing demand and to intelligently expand our processes, technology and capabilities. Welcome our robot friend, Wall-e!