R&D Production

New Product Development (NPD)

new product development

General Plastics & Composites provide resources for composite engineering and manufacturing of new composite products to meet qualification standards, and transition to commercialization and production.

Our goal is to deliver your composite manufacturing project in three weeks or less, depending on the complexity of your project and the tooling requirements. We achieve this by collaborating with our customers early in the process, which is beneficial for everyone.

You’ll benefit from collaborative meetings to determine:
  • Design requirements
  • Composite Tooling needs
  • Testing requirements
  • Timelines for project completion
  • Commercialization/Production plan
  • Dedicated NPD manufacturing cell
  • Quality plan/ITP’s

A Microsoft Project is created on your behalf, to show the tasks, timelines, and responsibilities involved.

Your New Product Development team will execute all duties, adhering to the timeline established on the Microsoft Project.

new product development