Joint Product Design Reduces Cost And Improves Performance

Our engineers and technicians work jointly with you to develop prototypes, choose the best composite materials and manufacturing methods for construction, and coordinate and conduct in-house testing, assuring an innovative solution for your needs. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions that meet your specific strength requirements and performance needs. Our process includes early collaboration and consistent communication to ensure deadlines are met.

Composite Engineering

This engineering team focuses on customer projects, offering expertise on composite design, materials, and manufacturing plans. They work with the account managers to provide technical and testing resources to customers on new product development and sustaining needs.

Materials Science Engineering

This department dedicates its focus to new material acquisitions and the latest composite manufacturing methods. Pushing to advance composite technology allows us to be leaders in innovation and next-generation products.

Quality Engineering

This team uses the latest statistical analysis and tools to ensure conformance to customer requirements. They implement industry and regulatory requirements and create necessary control processes, layered audit plans, and test and inspection criteria.

Manufacturing Engineering

A team of engineers focused on providing new ways to improve efficiency and output across our facility. These solutions provide improved manufacturing in cost and time.