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Meet GP&C’s Technological Advancement in Flow Machining: Wall-e

Wall-e is a four-joint, industrial pick-and-place robot, made by premier robot manufacturer Universal Robots. The robot loads and unloads cones into a machine that enables us to increase our frac plug output. Wall-e attends to two Haas 4 axis CNC lathes, allowing our operators to focus on and execute additional value-added tasks.

Wall-e is a UR10 model “collaborative” robot, which means it is very user-friendly, easy to program and can work and interact safely around operators. Read More

GP&C Harvey Update: 8/31/17

We are thankful that the GP&C facilities were spared from the Houston flooding, and that our employees have a safe place to return to work once they are available.

GP&C restarted operating today (days shift only), focused on keeping our commitments, so our customers can keep theirs. We believe this is one small way we can contribute to rebuilding the business community. Read More

How to Trust a Composite Material Supplier

With the increased need and use for composite products, there are many emerging material suppliers and manufacturers entering the marketplace. Before selecting a composite material supplier, there are several things to consider.


How much experience a supplier has in the industry is an important factor to consider. Generally, this means experienced engineers, knowledgeable personnel, advanced material development, precision machining, and proven processes. Read More