General Plastics & Composites understands the pros and cons and nuances of different composite manufacturing methods, engineering and technology. Our experts in composite engineering ensure that we are manufacturing engineered components and turnkey products using the best composite products and materials, assuring an innovative, effective, cost-effective solution for your needs.
We use a specialized combination of products and materials to develop turnkey solutions.
Our engineers are experts in understanding the complexities of when to use woven fabrics, filament roving, pre-preg or resins. GP&C’s engineers and technicians will work jointly with you to choose the best composite materials and manufacturing methods for construction. Our process involves collaboration early in the process and consistent communication.
GP&C has extensive experience with a variety of composite materials including epoxy resins, E-glass, S-glass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. We work with over 25 styles of fabric and combinations to achieve the desired performance requirements for each application.
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