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General Plastics & Composites announces new Foundational Four, including updated Value Proposition

general plastics and components foundational four

The General Plastics & Composites management team has developed a new mission, vision, value proposition and values, referred to as the Foundational Four.

“This important strategic direction sets the course for our company moving forward as a composite manufacturing and solutions provider across industries,” said Grant Roscoe, CEO. Read More

GP&C Adds New Robots to Automate Machining

GP&C Adds New Robots to Automate Machining

GPC automates machining

With demand rising for composite materials, General Plastics & Composites (GP&C) recently acquired two new robotic systems bring automation and efficiencies in machining. The new robots join another currently in use, and automates high-volume, repetitive tasks, reduces margins of error to negligible rates, and enables employees to focus on innovation, efficiency and other, more intricate processes that ultimately lay the groundwork for growth and success. Read More