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GP&C Adds New Robots to Automate Machining

GP&C Adds New Robots to Automate Machining

GPC automates machining

With demand rising for composite materials, General Plastics & Composites (GP&C) recently acquired two new robotic systems bring automation and efficiencies in machining. The new robots join another currently in use, and automates high-volume, repetitive tasks, reduces margins of error to negligible rates, and enables employees to focus on innovation, efficiency and other, more intricate processes that ultimately lay the groundwork for growth and success. Read More

GP&C Now Offers Composite Billets

GP&C Now Offers Composite Billets

General Plastics & Composites supplies composites to major oil field service companies participating in many sectors of this industry and is pleased to announce it’s offering composite billet material to its customers. For the first time, GP&C customers will be able to purchase our proprietary, industry-leading and engineered material in cost-effective billets that can be wet-wrapped, filament wound, machined and cut to your specifications. Read More

GP&C Celebrates One Year With No Safety Incidents

GP&C Celebrates One Year With No Safety Incidents

General Plastics & Composites is proud to announce it achieved 365 days of zero OHSA recordable incidents on Friday, February 26, 2021. GP&C’s priority is to continuously provide a safe and healthy workplace and its Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) department provides coaching, training and tracks safety metrics. The entire company recognizes the impressive accomplishment of reaching its goal of zero accidents or safety incidents for an entire year. Read More

GP&C Announces New Composite Frac Plug in 5” Size

HC 5.0 Frac Plug by GPC

General Plastics & Composites is excited to announce yet another new composite frac plug, the HC 5.0. The new size complements our existing plug portfolio (HC 5.5 and 4.5 composite frac plug) and provides the same high performance and high quality you expect from GPC. The HC 5.0 features wedge fins for even slip break up, field-proven ceramic buttons for easy drill out and reliable performance, 1.00” large bore ID for maximum flow and an optional add-on of a water saving pump down ring. Read More

GP&C Standard Composite Frac Plug Now in 4.5” Size

GPC HC 4.5 Frac PlugGeneral Plastics is pleased to announce the introduction of the company’s second standard frac plug, the HC 4.5,. This new product offers a standard, reliable design compatible in 90% of wells and complements the existing HC 5.5 standard composite frac plug.

With more than 50 years of experience providing the composite products for the oil and gas industry, the company now has two standard composite frac plug sizes to offer the industry. Read More

New HC 5.5 Standard Composite Frac Plug

New Composite frac bluc

General Plastics is pleased to announce the introduction of the HC 5.5 standard frac plug. This new product offers a standard, reliable design compatible in 90% of wells.

“As the leader in oilfield composites, we are well-equipped to supply standard high-performance frac plugs at a low cost,” said David Walstad, CEO, General Plastics & Composites. “We’ve supplied more than 1.2 million composite frac plugs to leading oil and gas manufacturers.” Read More

GP&C operations are open

GP&C operations are open

As COVID-19 continues to evolve and spread as a health issue impacting communities and businesses worldwide we want to assure you that our core focus is providing uninterrupted service to our customers, while also ensuring the well-being of our employees and their families.

Given our connection to the energy industry, we are an Essential Business supplying critical tools for the drilling and extraction of oil and gas. Read More

Safety Always Comes First

Throughout our growth, one thing remains unwavering, and that is our commitment to safety. We’ve doubled our headcount in the past year and GPC will continue to grow and continue to focus on safety as our #1 priority. Here’s what we expect of each employee to assure a safe workplace for all:

  • Safety starts with each and every one of us individually and cumulatively;
  • GPC provides a safe environment for employees and we also expect employees to be mindful of safety for themselves and their co-workers;
  • If at any time a job does not appear safe, we expect our employees to stop the task and ask for assistance or recommend a better way to do the task.
Read More

General Plastics & Composites JOB FAIR – May 5

We’re expanding our family! Join us on May 5 for a job fair.

Open positions include:

  • Materials Technicians (day/night)
  • CNC Machinists (day/night)
  • CNC Machine Operator (day/night)
  • Maintenance (night)
  • Quality Auditors (night)

You won’t just find a job here, you will find a family!  We offer excellent benefits, great schedules, competitive pay, training, & advancement opportunities – all at a convenient location near Hobby Airport. Read More

New in-ground test well debuts at headquarters facility

We worked with industry experts to construct a state-of-the-art test well, which provides customers quick access to full-scale tests to enable faster R&D projects and commercialization opportunities. The test well accommodates pressures up to 15,000PSI and temperatures up to 350⁰F, capable of handling sizes from 7” and under.

Located at GPC headquarters, the test well has a control system, pressure system and heating system. Read More