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GP&C Now Offers Composite Billets

GP&C Now Offers Composite Billets

General Plastics & Composites supplies composites to major oil field service companies participating in many sectors of this industry and is pleased to announce it’s offering composite billet material to its customers. For the first time, GP&C customers will be able to purchase our proprietary, industry-leading and engineered material in cost-effective billets that can be wet-wrapped, filament wound, machined and cut to your specifications. Read More

What is Filament Winding?

Filament winding is a manufacturing process used to create tubular composite items. The process by which these items are made is actually quite fascinating, as are the advantages of using products manufactured in this style. The future of the industry is also promising, especially as the economy changes and favors more cost-effective manufacturing and lighter stronger materials.

How are Products Manufactured?

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