Community / Awards

General Plastics & Composites Gives Back

GP&C has a long history of giving back to our community and employees. We believe that when people are treated with respect, they are not only better employees, but better members of our community at large.

GP&C Supports Our Community

Cenikor Foundation, Inc.
General Plastics & Composites has been a long-time supporter of Cenikor and participates in its Vocational Services program, offering employment opportunities to recovering addicts. General Plastics & Composites and GP Rubber offers an apprenticeship program which allows participants the opportunity to become certified machinists/operators. GP&C has received a “Backbone Award” and a “Change of a Lifetime” award from Cenikor recognizing the company’s valued partnership with the organization.


STEM Student Tours
GP&C offers tours to STEM students to foster excitement in manufacturing and engineering for a new generation.

STEM student tours

Alvin ISD Career And Technical Education Advisory Committee Member

Alvin ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction aims at developing foundation skills, core workplace competencies, and specific skill competencies in various occupational areas. We are honored to be part of a group of professionals and educators on the forefront of preparing students for diverse careers that reflect current and future industry trends.

Alvin ISD

GP&C Creates A Family

In addition to supporting our Houston community at large, we create our own community, or “family,” at GP&C.

GP&C employee celebrations include monthly birthday gatherings, food truck events, ice cream socials, popcorn parties, holiday celebrations, costume contests and more. Our Social Committee helps GP&C feel like a family and makes it a great place to work.

Hurricane Harvey Clean Up
As the storm cleared, we learned that 30 of our employees were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey flooding. We organized crews of GP&C employees, family members, and neighbors and helped with clean-up and demo. While the destruction was hard to see, the teamwork and resiliency that we experienced was inspiring, and why we call ourselves the GP&C Family.