Composite Frac Plugs

Composite Frac Plugs

General Plastics & Composite’s standard, reliable designs meet the needs of the majority of wells.

Why spend more when you don’t have to? Save your resources and use ours. When a one standard frac plug can meet the needs of the majority of wells, why spend resources customizing one?

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frac plugs
HC 6.0, HC 5.5, HC 5.0, HC 4.5

Low Cost/High Performance

  • Available in 4.0″, 4.5”, 5.0″, 5.5” and 6.0″
  • HC 6.0 rated 8k 250
  • HC 5.5 rated 10k 150/8k 200
  • HC 5.0 rated 10k 250
  • HC 4.5 rated 10K 250
  • HC 4.0 rated 10K 250F; 8K 300F
  • Innovative proven materials
  • Standard low-cost reliable design
  • Patented bottom slip – patent #: 9,157,288
  • Customization available on bottom sub
  • All design engineering, testing, quality, and inventory managed by GP&C
  • Large inventory with quick shipping
  • Immediate availability

Take advantage of our 50 years of experience

  • Design engineering, quality and qualification testing managed by GP&C engineering
  • Quick ship and stocking programs available
  • Robust inventory management system

There’s no need to pay for something you don’t need. Use our resources to do what we do best.

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