Machining is Critical Component of Developing Oilfield Composite Materials

The machine is a Mazak “SUPER VELOCITY CENTER”. It is 200” (16 ft.) X 20” in Y and 20” in Z. Equipped with 12” 4th axis with 5 steady rest to support long parts. Uses liner motors to drive the X axis around (266 ft./min.) 15000 rpm spindle motor

Turnkey products require a combination of metal, rubber and composites. With our subsidiary, GP Rubber and our dedicated metal machining division, we routinely deliver turnkey assemblies to the largest global oilfield service companies.

Recent machinery additions bring our totals up to more than 70 CNC and conventional machines including lathes and mills with 4 and 5 axis with pallet changing capability, lengths up to 200″ and diameters up to 25″. Holding very close tolerances is our specialty. In addition to lathes and mills, General Plastics & Composites has 5 multi-spindle 4 axis CNC Filament Winders. We are continually adding resources and equipment to meet the needs of our oilfield customers.

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