New in-ground test well debuts at headquarters facility

We worked with industry experts to construct a state-of-the-art test well, which provides customers quick access to full-scale tests to enable faster R&D projects and commercialization opportunities. The test well accommodates pressures up to 15,000PSI and temperatures up to 350⁰F, capable of handling sizes from 7” and under.

Located at GPC headquarters, the test well has a control system, pressure system and heating system. The data acquisition system records pressures and temperatures in real-time with detailed reports for each test.

Benefits for Customers

  • Improved speed to market – faster full-scale testing without scheduling delays
  • Additional data prior to release of tool or component
  • Low cost and quick access to testing

Benefits for GPC

  • In-house testing for materials, processes and designs
  • Additional data to compare assembly performance versus component testing

Contact your sales representative to learn more about the test well and how you can take advantage of this new service.