It’s a good problem to have. New Orders – Minimum Lead Times

As we all know, the oil and gas industry has had quite a rough time the last couple years. Consistent volumes and orders declined significantly, as our customers worked through their inventory levels.

We have a new (and much better) challenge that we haven’t seen in a while…NEW ORDERS!!! Our customers now need product, but because there is no product in queue, they are requiring it inside of lead time, which presents challenges to our manufacturing team. We understand the market conditions and realize the importance of responding by executing the deliveries needed for each and every customer. Here’s what we are doing to ensure success:

  • Increased staff manufacturing labor hours to handle the increased work
  • Utilizing daily sales and operations planning meetings to have all relevant managers report their schedules, needs, changed priorities and status to ensure new order timelines are met
  • Added quality and testing staff labor hours to meet deadlines and ensure 100% inspection
  • Pro-active written communication to customers
  • Providing customized solutions to meet each customer’s delivery needs