GP&C Celebrates One Year With No Safety Incidents

General Plastics & Composites is proud to announce it achieved 365 days of zero OHSA recordable incidents on Friday, February 26, 2021. GP&C’s priority is to continuously provide a safe and healthy workplace and its Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) department provides coaching, training and tracks safety metrics. The entire company recognizes the impressive accomplishment of reaching its goal of zero accidents or safety incidents for an entire year.

“We want to congratulate our team for accomplishing this feat,” said Curtiss Keating, Senior Manager of HS&E and Facilities at GP&C. “Thanks to the outstanding and careful work of every one of our employees working more than 500,000 hours during that time period, we achieved this incredible safety milestone.”

The company’s success begins with team members putting safety first, and recognizing the extreme importance of safety procedures. GP&C relied on four strategies to reach the one-year recordable free milestone:

  1. GP&C empowers employees to stop a job if they feel it is unsafe for any reason. No questions asked.
  2. GP&C promotes a positive safety culture by providing employees with behavioral-based safety training, safe work practices, and OSHA standards.
  3. GP&C involves employees in pre-job risk analysis to help determine how to do a job safely, based on past experiences.
  4. GP&C relies on a proactive approach by providing employees with observation tools to help identify at-risk conditions, acts, and near misses.

Prior to the milestone, GP&C successfully completed its Eye on Safety “One Hand at a Time” campaign and kicked off its behavioral-based safety observation program, WorkSafe. The company believes that safety starts with each employee and it continually enhances employee engagement and behavioral-based safety programs so each employee can take personal responsibility for their part in its Safety Culture. Congratulations to the entire company!