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GP Rubber
GP Rubber provides elastomers and phenolic molded products for oilfield services worldwide. We offer compression, transfer and injection molding capabilities with many different compounds well proven in down-hole environments.
General Plastics & Composites manufactures engineered components and turnkey products including composites, elastomers and/or metal for oilfield service companies worldwide.

Through our subsidiary, GP Rubber, and a dedicated metal machining division, we manage all aspects of projects in-house, maintain quality and control costs.

Since 1967, we've been a recognized leader in the composites industry.

general plastics and composites LPWe produce composite "down hole" oilfield components such as PDC drillable down hole components, logging tool mandrels, isolation joints, specialty cables and connectors, housing assemblies, battery housings, handling fixtures, isolation assemblies, test fixtures, antenna assemblies, and standoff assemblies. We also produce specialty items such as calibration tanks, laboratory and test equipment.

We have the expertise to assist you throughout the entire process - from prototype development and testing to full-scale production of down hole assemblies and products.
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